Street Art Galleries 

Under 1,000 Gallery

"Under A Thousand” is an independent gallery owned by Eli Edri, located on Abarbanel st. in Florentin neighborhood, Tel-Aviv. The gallery has one main purpose – creating a reality where great art is available to the public.

The walls of the gallery are French salon style, influenced by 17th century art shows when groups of artists presented their works together in small spaces. In this eclectic mix you can find autodidacts with no formal education or experience next to well- known names. The process of choosing artists for the gallery always includes a strong belief both in the artwork, as well as the artists themselves. The common denominator of the works is unusual and first of its kind in Israel– the highest price is and will remain $1000 (4000 shekels).


A unique and different experience of buying art:

Anyone can walk through the door and choose from their large selection according to their heart's desire, relying on their own personal taste. If a visitor would like to know more about the work, the artist or the cultural context, the gallery will happily supply. At the same time, if the visitor would like to know if the chosen artwork will go nicely with his home décor or colors, the gallery will also be equipped to advise in this matter.


Another important part to this experience is having the prices always visible next to each work. This is meant to allow the visitor the option to privately debating if it falls within their budget. It ensure the visitor, that whether they are a well- known collector, or someone who walked by in flip flops, they'll receive the same exact offer. 


Visiting hours: Sunday-Thursday 10 am to 8 pm, Friday 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday 10 am to 8 pm

A: 60 Abarbanel St. Tel Aviv

P: 03-652-6061




Urban Secret Gallery

In the heart of Florentine, an old warehouse was turned into a street art gallery and multifunctional creative space. The place was not chosen not accidentally(what can enhance urban context and firmness of street art language better than a place previously used to store industrial clutter?) The spot where the gallery is located represents the cultural diversity of Tel-Aviv, situated just behind the old synagogue in an area known for its street art. One has to pass through a hidden pathway to get in, a genuine Urban Secret. 


What's Urban Secret? A treasure hidden behind the tagged walls, trash cans, dirty backyards and dark alleys. In the gallery, which also functions as a concept store and workshops venue, you'll find street photography, art installations, spray paintings, prints and more. Daniel Siboni, creative director and co-owner of Urban Secret Gallery, is a world-renown photographer, bringing his love of urban culture all the way from Paris and Los Angeles. After being a fashion photographer, collaborating with Vogue, Marie Claire, Elite Modeling Agency and doing campaigns for brands he got infatuated with the beauty of the streets. Now you can see how he applies a soft touch of fashion photography to urban photography. 


Urban Secret Gallery collection contains unique pieces by Daniel Siboni himself and other trending artists working in the field of urban art. To check out their current art exposition and to sign up for the next creative workshop feel free to visit their Facebook page: 


A: 56 Abarbanel st., Florentine, Tel Aviv 


P: 054-795-49-97