Walking Tours 

Like those popping up in other cultural centers around the world, Tel Aviv also offers a few graffiti and street art walking tours.

Alternative Tel Aviv Urban Art Walking Tour

The tour discusses the differences between graffiti and other types of art in the streets, get to know all the major Israeli street artists, receive the tools and basic terminology needed to understand street art where ever you encounter it and learn about the real cultural DNA of Tel Aviv.


Tour duration is approximately an hour and a half. 


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Studio Visits with Urban Artists in Jaffa

The Studio visits tour offers an in depth look into Israel's thriving urban art scene. The first stop is the Prettimess collective's work space where you'll meet Untay, one of the collective's founders. Along side Dioz, Elna, Gab and others, he is responsible for many street pieces and urban designs you see in Tel Aviv's streets today. The next stop is the Meshuna art gallery, where you will meet Oren Fisher, artist and co-founder of Meshuna, and hear from him about the free and independent nature of this refreshing young gallery. You'll finish the tour at the studio of artists Dede and Nitzan Mintz, two of Israel's most prominent urban artist, and get to hear about their art, work process, inspiration and motivation. Between visits you'll see and talk about street art masterpieces located in the area.


Meeting point is at the border of Tel-Aviv and Jafa on the margins of Florentin neighborhood.

*tour should be booked at least three weeks in advance.


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The tour includes a meeting with a graffiti artist who works in Florentine (south Tel Aviv) and learn about the people behind the art, what motivates them and what they’re trying to tell you – and why in the street? You’ll tour the alleys, see the work of artists from all over the world and understand what made this special neighborhood the temple of the Israeli graffiti scene. The walls change rapidly so there’s always fresh work.


Tour duration is approximately two hours. 


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